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practicalities - Saigon/HCMC: Aug. 16, 2019

#iAMHCMC - an introduction.

What you will find in the #iAMHCMC app.

So much more than just a city guide.

Where to get the #iAMHCMC app.

Saigon is a city of surprises. Even the most knowledgeable locals and seasoned expats constantly make new discoveries and unexpected finds in one of Southeast Asia’s most densely-packed cities.. Whether it’s a hidden alley with your new favourite com tam, or a fancy cocktail bar with the finest collection of whiskies available in this part of the world, or even ultra-fun themed parties you never saw coming - this city has them all.

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With a flurry of activities happening almost daily in this city of close to 9 million people, it can be quite a challenge to keep up to date with the latest events and attractions, as well as information on what to eat or drink and where to visit or stay. The new #iAMHCMC app showcases the best of the city at your fingertips. It’s time to live your best life in Saigon and enjoy some exclusive deals along the way. The best part? It’s free!

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So what is the #iAMHCMC app exactly?

The #iAMHCMC app is constantly updated with content that serves as an all-in-one guide to everything you need to know about Saigon. Users also gain access to exclusive deals and promotions to some of the most exciting establishments around town. 

Looking for the best burgers in Saigon? Want to know all the best happy hour deals this week? What’s the nightlife scene like? What attractions can you visit in or near Saigon? Where’s the best place to buy a new designer chair and most importantly for residents here, where can you get a health check done?

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The user interface thrives on its simplicity, with menu buttons at the bottom of the screen, which allows you to navigate from feature articles to frequently asked questions (and answers) without having to switch screens.

The front page of the #iAMHCMC app is loaded with information on What’s New in Saigon, including event listings and and mouth watering deals from participating restaurants, bars, hotels and even weekend getaway packages. Create a free account with the #iAMHCMC app and you’ll receive exclusive access to promotions and offers from top establishments. 

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What are the categories available in the #iAMHCMC app?

Food & Drink: From mouth-watering Japanese wagyu steaks to refreshingly healthy and delicious vegan fare, to neon-lit instagrammable hidden cocktail bars and the many local craft beer breweries available in the city, you can find a range of recommendations available through a series of articles written by real residents of Saigon. 

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Get local insights with trusted reviews and pricing information, as well as our recommendations on what to eat and drink. You’ll be sure to find some hidden gems that you’ll end up telling all your friends and family about.

Deals & Events: If you’re an avid traveller, foodie, shopper, or all 3, you can discover travel promotions, discounts from leading restaurants all over the city and plenty of other outstanding deals directly through your #iAMHCMC app. 

For those of you looking for an epic night out, the app’s front page provides a list of upcoming events that we highly recommend. Each listing provides you with the details of the event, as well as pricing information and contact details. You can also make your booking or RSVP directly through the “Book It” button.

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Here’s a little secret: for aspiring performers, you can find details on how to send your demos directly to venues, or information on how to simply participate in one of the many open-mic nights in Ho Chi Minh City.

Attractions: From information about hidden pagodas around the city and their rich history and traditions, to where you can find the best views of the city while the sun sets, you can find a wealth of cultural and historical information about the city, brought to you by dedicated #iAMHCMC correspondents. 

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You’ll find detailed articles with photographs, as well as frequently released vlogs inside the best places to visit. Enjoy an immersive experience through the app as you go on a journey through our beautiful city—whether it’s making banh xeo, or experiencing what it’s like to walk into the floating market that you have been passing by but never had the chance to visit.

Activities: If you are new to the city and looking for the right networking event to boost your profile and expand your social reach, #iAMHCMC organises a monthly networking event that allows you to do just that. Similarly, you can find plenty of information on lifestyle activities available across the city from yoga classes to the best spas in whichever district is most convenient for you.

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With tried-and-tested recommendations, you can find the best therapists to help you with your skincare routine, or even the best parks to take your family out for the weekend.

Lifestyle: Looking to live your life to the fullest in Saigon? #iAMHCMC Lifestyle covers everything from healthy eating tips, to cultural awareness, to some of the best wellness and self-care treatments available in the city. Saigon is full of unexpected surprises and hidden secrets. We’ve done the research—now let us help you upgrade your life with the very best of what Saigon has to offer.

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Shopping: From eco-friendly products for the environmentally-conscious, to specialised gourmet shops where you can find items unavailable anywhere else in the country, the #iAMHCMC app provides you with tips, tricks and recommendations on where to get exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Presented in the form of easy-to-read articles with the necessary information you’ll need such as the location and opening hours, #iAMHCMC also aims to highlight the best local brands and offerings to you.

Health: One of the key considerations for living in a city would be the ease of accessibility to healthcare. It can be a little daunting for the non-Vietnamese speaking resident when it comes to dealing with medical services where any miscommunication might lead to dire consequences.

Fortunately for you, there are a number of medical centres, clinics and hospitals staffed with highly-qualified English-speaking medical professionals across the city. You can find where they are on the #iAMHCMC app.

#iAMHCMC app - more than just a city guide

Beyond the wealth of information provided by the #iAMHCMC app’s passionate content creators, another notable feature is the app’s database of user-generated, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers. Consolidated over many years, these are all commonly asked questions by tourists and expats in Saigon, answered either by locals or long-term residents of Saigon.

Are you looking for a pharmacy? The app has an entire list of pharmacies sorted out by districts, with addresses and contact information. Best chiropractor in town? Check. Need more information on the current rates for electricity in Vietnam? Check. Is there any place where you can skateboard in District 1? You can find it all in the app.

In fact, there are currently 700+ answered questions, and counting!

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If you can't find the answer to the question you’re looking for, you can ask a new question directly through the app or simply interact directly with the #iAMHCMC team. All you need to do is log in.

Where to get the #iAMHCMC app?

The app is completely free to download and is available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded either directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play or from the #iAMHCMC app site.

After installation, launch the app and you will immediately find a list of ongoing and upcoming events and deals from around the city. Tap on the menu in the top right hand corner and you’ll find five drop down categories:

What’s New: Here you’ll find reviews and insights on restaurants and bars in the city by the #iAMHCMC team. Some of these restaurants are well-known, some aren’t, some are brand new, and some are simply hidden deep in narrow alleys your Grab bike driver might never be able to find in his first attempt. 

This Week: Find out all about the cool events happening over the coming week in one screen. The list of events curated by the #iAMHCMC team range from beer festivals, music performances, film screenings to themed parties and family day events.

Best Of: Looking for some quick reading material while learning a little more about the city? You can find articles featuring the best of Saigon -- from burgers to craft beer, sushi to bakeries, set lunches to best international schools to enroll your child in -- and feel free to share them with your friends too. 

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Photos: A live collage of photos from the official #iAMHCMC instagram account highlighting the best of Saigon. The feed includes instant coverage of the latest events and stories from across the city, mouthwatering dishes waiting to be devoured or candid portraits of the people of Saigon. Expect to see beauty in the form of everything from faces, to pre-war buildings and cityscapes captured in their full glory.

Videos: This category contains short videos produced by the #iAMHCMC team to feature venues and their specialties, as well as vlog style videos to provide you with a truly immersive and personal experience.

What are you waiting for?

Download the #iAMHCMC app and have and all that our beautiful city has to offer at your fingertips!
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