Buffalo Horn

There are a number of Saigon-based jewellers creating works with buffalo horn. Aside from jewellery, buffalo horn is used to create eating utensils, pipes and hair care tools and decorations. Colours range from pale cream to ebony. It is said that the spirit of the buffalo resides in the horn, thus it has immense power that can be transferred to all who wear or use it. When in HCMC pick up a piece of buffalo horn and inherit the strength of the mighty buffalo.

Chances are good that if you visit a craft or jewellery shop in Ho Chi Minh City, you'll find buffalo horn. Buffalo horn is a keratin substance similar in structure to human fingernails. Early Vietnamese cultures used buffalo horn for decorative effect. Colours can range from black to white streaked cream. Collecting buffalo horn does not require the animals to be harmed or slaughtered. Buffalo horn is subject to humidity and temperature changes so it is recommend that you remove jewellery before showering or swimming. Over time buffalo horn may change colour slightly.

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