Once a faithful companion to U.S. soldiers during the War, Zippos can be found scattered throughout Vietnam and in select shops in HCMC. Each Zippo tells a unique story. Most are still functioning and only require a top up of lighter fluid and a new flint. They are priced according to the year, design, quality and condition. Many are priced under VND100,000. There are few genuine ones left; a lot of copies are made. Find a selection at Yersin market in District 1, HCMC.

There is an official Zippo retailer in Ho Chi Minh City located in Binh Thanh District, northeast of central Saigon. If shopping for a collectible lighter at Yersin market, keep in mind that many previously owned Zippos may contain etchings with obscene or colourful language. Think carefully if purchasing as a gift! You may want to bring along a Zippo identification book to help you weed through the sea of fake lighters at the Market. Zippos were issued to the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Vietnamese Coast Guard and RVN, so you'll have plenty of stock to rummage.

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