Saigon Street Food by night

5: 00 pm

Our starting point is at the Opera House. Your local guide will accompany you to the Old Market. The short walk will give you a sense of walking back time, as you are strolling through architectures that provide glimpse into the city’s past.

The 40-year-old Old market does not sell antiques, as its name may suggest. Street vendors target local customers, with typical local foods like Fresh spring roll, Green papaya salad Vietnamese Steamed Savory, to name a few. Sample your appetizers, taste the street spices and feel the local life unfold in the very heart of Saigon.

Continue to Mong Bridge to have a unique view of a corner of Saigon. Enjoy the flow of river at sunset, of traffic at rush-hours, and of Saigon architectures at different history periods. “Cool”, relaxing, even a tad romantic … What better place to sit and enjoy Saigon’s bánh mì! This is what enjoying Saigon street food is about! 

It would be a miss without having a coffee the way Saigonese coffee gourmets do daily. Entering a “hem” of Saigon and up dank concrete stairs in a run-down apartment block, which sets an example of the modernist utilitarian apartment buildings of Saigon since 1950s, you’ll be in a coffee gourmet nest. Have a filter coffee, with ice if you wish, and you’ll feel your mood in rhyme with local lifestyle.

Your main course will be Saigon’s iconic street food, “Com tam”, at a next stall. “Com tam” is a preferred dish by most Southerners and found anywhere from street vendors to luxurious restaurants. The dish rises to such popularity probably because of its unforgettable taste made from simple ingredients.

Keep strolling to Benthanh Night market. Pop by a dessert stall for a Vietnamese “che” dessert. The very last minute walking will take you to a street beer stop, where you will mingle with the locals and enjoy a cold Saigon beer before your trip ends.

At the end of the tour you are free to continue exploring the area or your guide will assist you in getting a taxi back to your hotel. 

What's Nearby


Front entrance of the Saigon Opera House - Dong Khoi St, District 1 (intersection of Le Loi St)

Drop Off

Ben Thanh Night Market


Guide Fresh rolls, salad, Vietnamese baguette, coffee, Broken rice sweet soup & beer.


• Items of a personal nature

• Tips or gratuities for guide

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