Things to buy

In its historic heyday, the fine artisans and craftspeople of Hoi An would supply their goods to the Imperial Court of Hue. There was also a healthy demand for foreign trade. These days, tourists can benefit from the skills of older generations – Hoi An remains a capital for the arts and a paradise for shoppers!

Art: There are several galleries in town that sell paintings (acrylic, ‘dzo’, lacquer) and sculptures (marble and wood).

Clothes: Besides the innumerable tailors (from ma and pa shops to large internationally-recognized brands) there are a number of new boutiques selling original cloth designs.

Home Decor: There are also plenty of home interiors such as lacquerware, plates, vases, table runners and more available in Hoi An.

Jewellery: Find original designs of handcrafted jewellery using silver and a variety of gems.

Lanterns: These are a Hoi An icon – make sure you take a trip down “lantern lane” off Nguyen Phuc Chu (next to Mango Mango restaurant) and bargain with one of the vendors.

Shoes: Get shoes custom-made or buy unique designs from a boutique.

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