Escape from It All with a Visit to Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

accommodation - Hue: Dec. 16, 2020

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If you're looking for a great, off the beaten track luxury holiday destination for the year end or Tet, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion should be high on your list of destinations to consider.

A unique destination, 30 kilometres north west of Hue City, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion enjoys fresh, cool temperatures (at this time of year) that hover around the 18 – 20 degrees mark, giving you the impression that you are enjoying an Autumnal day in Europe or North America! Here, the natural beauty of the pristine environment revives the soul. Surrounded by trees, lakes, hills and streams, the relaxing sound of bubbling waters and melodious bird calls will fill you with a sense of serenity and calm. 

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue

All of the accommodation options at Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion provide a comfortable, stylish, immaculately clean environment in which to unwind, but for an additional level of luxury reserve a bungalow so that you can indulge yourself furthermore in the beauty of the natural and stunning countryside of Vietnam

I visited Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion with my family, but it would also make the perfect luxury destination for a couple’s vacation. Peaceful, comfortable and with a variety of beautiful facilities (onsite), this is a stunning resort for all to enjoy. My children certainly had a blast, enjoyed themselves while practicing a variety of engaging activities such as zip lining, swimming, cycling, yoga and a variety of arts and crafts!

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue

Whilst my daughters were busy exploring, my wife and I were able to relax (although, I couldn’t resist having a go on the zipline – so much fun!). Having the opportunity to enjoy the many naturally heated steam water pools at the Thanh Tan Hot Spring was such a treat and a definite highlight of the trip. It is such a wonderful feeling to rest, in peaceful, warm waters while looking at the sky and while listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. 

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue

After our various adventures during the day, we did hang out together at the superb Onsen (Korean Spa) in the evening. As a family we do love being pampered and the variety of cool and warm pools, the steam baths and sauna were a great way to finish our day. 

Treatments at the Onsen & Spa, which really is a special wellness center, are included in the accommodation package, which made this probably the most attractive element of our stay. We enjoyed yoga, deep breathing sessions and the variety of meditation activities provided daily by the best spa manager ever!

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue

At the spa, a large and well-designed building, we were not only provided with exceptional service, but with a wide variety of body, foot and facial treatments. Each of the massage therapists we experienced were trained to excellence and the general level of service was fantastic. I think it is safe to say that we were well and truly spoiled on each of our visits! 

After all of the adventures and pampering, we had built up quite an appetite. Luckily Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion also provides a variety of dining options to ensure that guests desires are catered for. We were delighted by the variety of choices on offer at breakfast time, and the elevated location of the Madame Chau restaurant was another highlight. Overlooking a small but beautiful lake, surrounded by water fountains, the view we experienced as we enjoyed a delicious meal was not only peaceful, but inspiring. 

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue

With so many highlights there are many things that people will love at Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion, but what we valued most was the kindness and friendliness of the people who took care of us throughout our stay. This really is a special place, “unique” you might say, as from the moment you arrive, you can feel that the staff are sincerely thoughtful and genuinely happy to work here!

As you may have guessed, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion. If you are looking for a luxurious destination that provides nature, peace, rest, recovery, peace, calmness, harmony and activities for your children, as well as good times, a little bit of fresh air and a cool climate, there really is no place like it! My recommendation would be that you visit Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion as soon as possible this winter. 

In addition to the fabulous experience that we believe is guaranteed when you visit Alba Wellness Resort, there is another reason to visit. The whole region has suffered, not only as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, but after the devastating floods that recently affected the region. If you are able to offer your support by visiting, your children will thank you for treating them to such a blessed experience. 

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion - Hue

Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

What better way to escape this season than to reconnect with nature at Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion? Visitors can benefit from not only a unique onsen journey of indulgence and relaxation through access to the resort’s hot springs, and courtesy massage treatments, but also an exclusive Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve buffet, as well as a visit from Santa Claus himself. Packages for rooms and bungalows including our seasonal buffets start from 2,125,000 VND for Christmas, and 2,325,000 VND for New Year’s Eve, per adult, per night.

Image source: Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion