Hue Specialities

Hue cuisine is Vietnam’s haute cuisine. During the lavish rule of emperor Tu Duc, cooks were ordered to not only to create delicious dishes but works of art. Their skills were passed down the generations so you can still experience authentic Royal cuisine (as well as hearty street foods) in the city today.

Banh Bot Loc: Tubular rice dumplings stuffed with shrimp and ground pork, cooked inside a banana leaf. Usually served as hors d’oeuvres.

Bun Bo Hue: A zesty beef and rice noodle soup of which the broth is made of beef bone, fermented shrimp paste, lemongrass and dried chilli. Served with lime wedges, bean sprouts and mint.

Banh Beo: Tiny, circular rice flour crepes topped with minced shrimp, fried shallots and crispy pork rind.

Banh Khoai: A savoury rice flour pancake embedded with shrimp, pork and topped with bean sprouts and star fruit before folding. Banh Khoai is the predecessor to the smaller and greasier Banh Xeo of the South.

Com Hen: A staple Hue dish, Com Hen (or Clam Rice) is made from mussels and a variety of herbs, shredded meat, peanuts, sesame seeds and pork rind atop rice. Its preparation is complicated yet it is considered a humble dish that everyone can afford and enjoy.

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