Just 40km from Vung Tau, Long Hai is easily accessed by taking the hydrofoil to Vung Tau and a relaxing cab ride onwards. Situated on and around a small mountain range that overlooks the ocean, Long Hai enjoys the slow paced lifestyle of a small Vietnamese fishing village, except on weekends when the urban population flocks to its sands.
The eastern end, with its white sand beaches, is pictureseque, while the western end of Long Hai’s beach is where fishing boats moor. You will find more activity, but also more pollution.
For an even prettier shoreline, keep heading east. On weekdays, there are so few visitors that you may feel like you have your own private beach. This is the perfect place to take a few deep breaths away from the city, an oasis of calm in a country of activity.
The area around Long Hai benefits from a microclimate that brings less rain than other parts of the south. This may be why the last emperor of Vietnam chose to build a holiday residence in Long Hai, now the Anoasis Beach Resort.
This coastal destination is fun to visit just after the Tet Festival (January to early February) when hundreds of fishing boats  converge at Long Hai on a pilgrimage to worship at the Mo Co Temple.
Other local attractions include the caves at Minh Dam, the underground tunnels at Dia Dao and the Phap Hoa Pagoda.

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