Mai Chau Ecolodge Spa

Mai Chau Ecolodge is a great place to treat both your body and your eyes. Nestled in the majestic highlands and combining luxury with sustainable ecotourism, the Ecolodge is a true refuge offering the best in spa experiences.

At Mai Chau Ecolodge all masseuses are locals specially trained as part of the lodge team in Hanoi. They use a mixture of locally grown and prepared herbs and spices, and carefully selected commercial oils and stones that ensure a rounded, all natural experience. The Ecolodge’s masseuses use the very best of Swedish, Shiatsu and Vietnamese massage techniques to stimulate the body’s meridians and bring energy, balance and wellness to their clients.

Some of the spa’s most popular treatments include:

  • Traditional Vietnamese Herbal Steam Bath (secluded in your own private bath, gentle aromas waft around you, opening up your airways and refreshing your mind. Perfect for asthma and sinus congestion sufferers, and as a treatment for stress).
  • Hot-Stone Massage (quite warm, smooth, flat stones are placed at precise points on your body to relax your muscles in preparation for the masseuses expert hands).
  • Shiatsu Foot Massage (through precise pressure points on your travel-worn feet, this massage increases the flow of chi through your body and into your mind).

The spa also offers sauna, steam room and foot steam-bath facilities, complete with showers, lockers, robes, towels and toiletries. In a haven of soft meditation music, gentle scents and ambient lighting, sip a delicious drink as you wait. The perfect place to relax on your luxury vacation!

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