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accommodation - Mui Ne: Sept. 26, 2017

From south to north, following is a list of the resorts and hotels on Ganh Beach and Suoi Nuoc Beach in Mui Ne:

Mui Ne Bay Resort, a four star beach resort on the south end of Ganh Beach, is owned by the Ben Thanh Group, a tourism company under the auspices of the Vietnamese government. This resort and the Sailing Bay Beach Resort next to it are the two closest resorts to the town of Mui Ne.

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The Sailing Bay Beach Resort is a four-star beach resort at the south end of Ganh Beach and across the Street from the Mui Ne Bay Resort. It consists of five four-storey room blocks facing the pool in the centre and the ocean beyond. It is within easy walking distance of the town of Mui Ne.

About 800 metres away is a small hotel called the Goc Bien. A couple hundred metres from Hotel Goc Bien is Kite Camp No Mad: a very small hotel that offers kite rentals and is owned by a French national.

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The newest three-star resort on Ganh Beach is the Hon Ngoc Mui Ne, or the Mui Ne Pearl Resort in English. The Blue Shell Resort is a small three-star property next to the Hon Ngoc. At the corner of the Blue Shell Resort grounds, and just below one of only two stop lights in Mui Ne, is a Cafe/Bar with nightly disco music.

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Just down the street from Blue Shell Resort is the Hoan Vu Universe Hotel where you can find a number of popular hot pot restaurants and cafes.

The three-star Malibu Resort opened around the turn of the century and is the oldest resort on the south end of Ganh Beach. In the Malibu Resort is a kitesurf school operated by the European owners of Source Lodge, an eight-room lodge on the other side of Mui Ne which has a restaurant with a deck that overlooks Mui Ne Harbor.

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Next to the Malibu Resort is the Nam Chau Resort, one of the best bargains in Mui Ne. This resort is quite large and its 46 bungalows are spread around a very nice garden. Its advertising is unique with the slogan, “Activity is the new sexy”.

Next to the Nam Chau Resort is the Pandanus Resort. It is the largest and most beautiful resort in Mui Ne. The six types of accommodations are spread throughout ten hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens. The pool is enormous. The room rate includes a huge buffet breakfast, wine and cheese in the afternoon, and a tour of the town of Mui Ne.

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The Pandanus Resort is located just below the red sand dunes. On the opposite side of the sand dunes is the Sandunes Beach Resort, a four-star property built on the side of the hill, with the main six-storey building above the pool, and a number of individual units on each side of the pool. Beyond the pool is Ganh Beach.

At the north end of the village of Hon Rom, there are six two-star properties built adjoining each other almost as if they were all in one complex. All of these resorts are approximately the same quality and type. They have individual one and two-bedded rooms but also have larger dormitory type rooms and accommodations. Only one has a pool, but all of them have restaurants. The primary market for these hotels and resorts is the local Vietnamese market, but some foreigners choose them because the price is low. They are very popular for Ho Chi Minh City company outings and, except during the summer months are full most weekends, but empty during the week.

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From south to north, they are the Thuy Trang Resort, The Thuy Duong Resort,The Hon Rom 2 Resort, The Hon Rom 1 Resort, The Song Bien Xanh Resort and The Nang Hon Rom Resort.

Along Suoi Nuoc beach are some older one or two-star resorts that are very basic. From south to north, they are the Thien Trang Resort, the Hoang Lan Resort and the Truong Hai Resort. After the Truong Hai Resort is Madam Cuc Saigon Emerald Resort, a newer more upscale three-star property.

Just north of the Saigon Emerald Resort is the Longson Mui Ne Campground, Restaurant and Beach Club. A tent here is the least expensive accommodation in Phan Thiet, starting at USD $4.00 per night. It first opened as a restaurant. Therefore the restaurant in the resort is quite large and the food is good.

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Mui Ne Village & Kitesurf (Nha Nghi Mui Ne) is located across the road from Suoi Nuoc beach. It doesn’t really make any difference, however, as the road along Suoi Nuoc Beach is very small with no traffic at all.The kitesurf school is operated by an international team and is quite professional.

Past the Mui Ne Village & Kitesurf Resort are some two-star beach resorts on the ocean side of the road. From south to north, they are the East Sea Resort, the Pebble Beach Resort, the Song Hien Hotel and the Suoi Nuoc Resort.

Like the three resorts at the beginning of the beach, these resorts are very basic and some are a bit run down, but they generally have very friendly owners and staff who welcome visitors with open arms.

Next is the Full Moon Village Resort. This is far and away the nicest resort on Suoi Nuoc Beach. It is also home to Jibes 2 Kitesurf shop and school. The owner is the one who got the kitesurfing craze started in Ham Tien. His original shop, Jibes, is located in his Full Moon Resort, which is not nearly as upscale as the Full Moon Village Resort. Every accommodation here is actually an individual separate two or three bedroom home with a living room, a kitchen, a garden and a jacuzzi.

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The next resort north of Full Moon Village Resort is the Blue Bay Mui Ne Resort. This is a three-star property that is the second best resort on Suoi Nuoc Beach, with a nice spa and public area.

The final resort on the beach is the Hai Dang Resort. Although it is relatively new, some of the comments on tripadvisor have indicated that the upkeep is lacking and it is not very clean.

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