Phan Rang is famous for two dishes. The first is the Phan Rang Chicken and Rice. It may seem a bit plain, but the local chickens are superb and have a sweet taste and combined with the spicy fish sauce and rice, make an excellent lunch. Many places sell chicken and rice in the city center near the Phan Rang Market.

The most famous street food from Phan Rang is banh can and banh xeo. They are small egg pancakes with squid, shrimp, and vegetables-cooked in small clay pots over a fire. The best place to eat this delicious dish is on the sidewalk near the resorts on Yen Ninh Street, between Aniise Villa and Thai Binh Duong resorts.

The resorts all have restaurants, with some being better than others. Bau Truc has a nice open-air restaurant near the beach. The resorts all have similar menus, with many seafood and Vietnamese style dishes. The western food served in these places is not very good. Many times during the weekends and especially in summer, the resorts will have large groups take over the restaurant. These can be very loud and annoying.

Western food is just now making an appearance with two very good new places just opening.

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