Mui Ne Xua: Phan Thiet’s Latest Food and Beverage Venue

food - Phan Thiet: Nov. 1, 2013

Mui Ne Xua is Phan Thiet’s latest food and beverage addition and an interesting concept for a seafood market and restaurant - guests can choose their favourite seafood items live from numerous aquariums or on large tables in an open-air environment.

Mui ne Xua 3Variety, freshness and cleanliness are the cornerstones that make Mui Ne Xua so unique when compared to many of the nearby street stalls and eateries. Set amongst hundreds of palm trees, you’ll discover the elegant aesthetics of traditional, yet simple, designs. Materials used to build the hut-like structures include “Duoc” (Rhizophora in English), a local wood widely used in the area.

The vast and well-covered dining areas are set on intriguingly built red brick pavement, with large rocks used for walls and stairs elsewhere. The end product forms a harmonious relationship with the local environment and nearby sea.

Mui Ne Xua 2The best part, for me, is that once you have chosen your deliciously fresh crab, lobster, shrimp, fish, shellfish or otherwise, you can choose your own cooking options: grilled, broiled, steamed; the amount of vegetables, herbs, rice, sauces, etc; anything you might want.

Additionally, you can choose to cook it all at your own table, with your friends while sipping a fresh draft; or, if you prefer, you can have the kitchen do the job for you. And don’t worry, you pay only for the seafood you buy in increments of kg or grams - everything else (plus service) is included in the price.

Located on the hillside of Bo Ke, between Ham Tien and Mui Ne, this 4-hectare property has been conveniently restructured to welcome the masses. You can’t miss it; it certainly stands out as you drive by. For some, it is an attraction in and of itself. The recent soft opening was held mid-November 2013. Since then, the business has grown week after week.

The original concept, due to be completed later in 2014, includes the Forester Spa overlooking the facility from its location on a hill, a food court with 10 venues serving drinks and good food of various origins, and an amusement park for children. The shop and the pub are later additions still in the making.

Writer: Patrick Gaveau