Fashionistas, don’t hold your breath. Phan Thiet has a lot to offer, but your access to designer goods is severely limited here compared to the style magnet that is Ho Chi Minh City.

Most of the clothing scene is centered on beachwear, a fitting industry for the surroundings. A few outlets sell genuine Western brands, such as Rip Curl and Jibe’s, and knockoffs are everywhere. Depending on your taste for quality, you can find slightly damaged goods for a great price.

An easy souvenir to grab is Fish Sauce, one of the icons of the area. There is also a wide range of knick knacks, jewelry, cultural items and other handheld products perfect to bring back. For something truly distinct, pick up a jellyfish leather purse at Cathy Boutique.

All of the best browsing is done in Ham Tien, as Phan Thiet is primarily geared towards locals and Mui Ne is too quiet for much. Stroll up and down the strip and let the right item catch your eye, but be sure to check multiple stores for the best price as many carriers stock the same merchandise.

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