Eden Resort Phu Quoc

accommodation - Phu Quoc: Oct. 4, 2017

Experience the beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc courtesy of Eden Resort. You’ll thank us when you get there.

First Impressions

I landed on Phu Quoc around midday and looked around. I was in love already: the sky was bright and the weather hot and humid—a typical day in Southern Vietnam. It was easy to find the complimentary shuttle service that Eden Resort Phu Quoc provides for its guests, and the drive to the resort was pleasant. I was able to look out the window and enjoy the island sights, which were so different from the whirling cityscape of Ho Chi Minh City.

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I knew immediately that this stay would be a wonderful change of pace.

When I arrived at the Eden Resort, I saw that it was aptly named: it truly was a green oasis. This was a resort that valued the quality of its landscaping. When I approached the lobby, I got a nice surprise: there were recycled decorations like driftwood accents. I mentioned this to the concierge, and she told me that all the lights in the swimming pools were LED-powered as well. I’ve always been eco-conscious, so it was nice to see a 4-star resort with a similar mindset. It really made the resort seem down-to-earth rather than stuffy or overly fancy, like some other high-rated resorts I’ve visited.

Beachy Bungalow

Once I received my key I headed to my beach bungalow. As I walked along the outdoor path and admired the greenery surrounding the buildings, I saw workers doing some construction and renovation. Since I moved to HCMC I’ve become accustomed to the sound of hammering and saws, but hoped it wouldn’t start at 7 a.m. the next morning (thankfully it didn’t).

I neared my beach bungalow and breathed deeply: there was that inviting smell of sea air. Indeed, the bungalow was right next to the beach and had an exceptionally beautiful view. The rooms were large and spacious, and the decorations were subtle, retaining the eco- friendly vibe I had noticed in the lobby. I put away my things and saw that there was an outdoor bathroom—a nice touch, although the humidity near the sea did cause a bit of rust to gather around the tap.

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Surf’s Up

Although the room was beautiful, the pull of the ocean was too great to resist. I threw on my bathing suit and headed outside. The beachfront was a popular spot for the other guests, and for good reason. While the beach was lined with umbrellas and chairs, it was a bit difficult to find one that wasn’t marked with towels and bags. Once a free umbrella opened up, it was snatched almost immediately by another guest.

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After a bit of waiting, I was able to grab my own umbrella oasis. I indulged in some light reading and general relaxation and headed to the ocean. The water was warm and the sand was soft: absolute perfection. It was quite a different experience from some of the other beaches I’ve been to in Vietnam, which sometimes have problems getting rid of the trash. Here the coast was clean and the water was clear.

Drinks on the Beach

After dinner at the Strelitzia, one of Eden Resort’s two restaurants, I headed to the Malibu Beach Bar, where I rounded off my night with a tropical nightcap at a beautiful, eco-friendly repurposed table. I chose a classic margarita, always my drink of choice, and mingled with the other bar patrons. I learned that the rooms of the hotel were just as nice as the bungalow, although one guest mentioned plumbing issues. Another guest talked about the different destinations on Phu Quoc (his favorite was a local pearl farm in the nearby Duong To Village). I replied that I didn’t want to rent a scooter for just one day, and he said he hadn’t—he has simply gone on one of the day-long “Seawalker” tours Eden Resort offers, which he really enjoyed. I found out that Eden also offers some daily fishing and snorkelling trips, which are less expensive than other tours on the island. This was welcome news, but unfortunately my flight was set to depart before noon the next day. There’s always next time.

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Address: Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To Ward, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province.

Email: reservations@edenresort.com.vn  edenresort.com.vn

Phone: 0297 398 5598

Image source: Eden Resort Phu Quoc