What to do on Phu Quoc Island? Let us show you the best activities of the island and other interesting, active ways to spend your holidays.

Walk in the forest

Near Ganh Dau up North is a narrow path that leads through the jungle and ends at the huts of forest dwellers. If you like a walk through the jungle without too difficult terrain, this is your choice!

Snorkeling in the Southern Archipelagos

If you visit An Thoi at the southern tip of Phu Quoc Island, you can hire a fisherman and his boat to go out to the small islands. In a protected bay, drop anchor and take a look at the underwater life.

Scuba Diving

If snorkeling is not amazing enough for you, just check one of the shops along the tourist strip. Some offer scuba diving tours to various islands and reefs around Phu Quoc.


At most resorts you can borrow a kayak and paddle along the shore when the weather is nice. If your resort doesn’t offer that activity,why not rent a kayak at one of the many locations along the better-known beaches.

Jetski ride

Sao Beach is not only a great spot for kayaking. You can also rent a jetski and speed around the bay. If you love to ride one of those inflatable bananas that’s pulled by a motorboat or fancy water ski, you can do it there as well.

Fishing and squid fishing

Another thing you can do on Phu Quoc Island, is to take a fishing tour with one of the locals. These tours usually start at An Thoi or Ham Ninh and can either be negotiated directly if you find a common language, or booked at the tour desk of your hotel.

Squid fishing is quite popular as well and usually takes place at nighttime.

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