Fishing Villages on Phu Quoc Island

attractions - Phu Quoc: Oct. 16, 2015

Fishing Villages on Phu Quoc Island

During our stay on Phu Quoc Island, we visited several fishing villages or towns. Some of them are quite big and central, Duong Dong for example. Others are just tiny assemblies of houses and boats.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Most group tours to Phu Quoc Island include a visit at Ham Ninh fishing village, which is located at the east coast of the island. The most famous attraction at Ham Ninh is the nightly fishing tour in pursuit of delicious squid. Reviews say that tourists usually don’t catch any squid, but that’s okay since the crew is fishing as well. They prepare the catch right there on the boat, for a nice late dinner on the waves.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village 

But also during the day Ham Ninh is a picturesque place to visit. At the pier you get swarmed by children selling starfish they collected in the shallow sea. If you follow the pier, you see the water gradually getting deeper until it reaches a depth where the smaller fishing vessels are moored.

The restaurants to the right and left side of the pier offer seafood. However, I would advise not to touch that stuff, because it must have been the plate of crabs, when I caught a nasty infection that plagued me for several weeks.


An Thoi Town

An Thoi is a small town at the southernmost end of Phu Quoc Island. It is the biggest fishing harbor of the area and it’s possible to moor large vessels and even container ships in the protected bay. An Thoi is the starting point of many scuba diving and snorkeling trips to the southern archipelago. You can read more about such a trip right here: Boat Tour on Phu Quoc Island: The Southern Archipelago.


Duong Dong Town

Duong Dong town is the biggest settlement on Phu Quoc Island and of course there is a fishing harbor. The town is, strictly spoken, not a fishing village, but it’s interesting to visit Cau Temple and witness fishermen or their wives burning incense sticks for the goddess of the sea before they head for the open ocean. You can sample seafood and the sometimes quite bizarre catch of the day at the famous night market of Duong Dong.

fishing village

Le Bat Fishing Village

Le Bat is one of the picturesque, tiny, hidden fishing villages on Phu Quoc Island. Actually there is nothing there but an interesting landscape for photographers. You pass this hamlet on your way to Vung Bau Beach. Follow the street from Duong Dong to Cua Can. North of Ong Lang Beach you pass Hoang Yen Resort, cross a bridge and turn left. Follow the street and you will find Le Bat. From there, a scenic road follows the coast northwards, so if you are on motorbike and have time, enjoy the trip.

beach fishing

Rach Vem Fishing Village

Rach Vem Beach and the local fishing village is not really a place for lying around on the beach. The locals work hard to support their families and you will find interesting houses, built on poles right out on the sea. The people are friendly and from the shore you can see the coast of Cambodia right across the Gulf of Thailand. The village itself is a really tiny hamlet, built along the shore and maybe 500 meters wide. A very authentic thing to see.

local fishing village

Other opportunities to spot fishing activities

The inhabitants of Phu Quoc Island mainly live from fishery, so small fishing huts are what you often find along the seafront. There are many opportunities to take pictures of fishermen or their wives collecting sea snails, clams or small crabs. Life here is hard but simple, and the people are cheerful. Sometimes you find an abandoned hull, peacefully rotting between the rocks, but usually the vessels are well taken care of and kept functional - for generations.

Check out Phu Quoc Island’s fishing villages, it’s really a beautiful sight and especially recommended during sunrise or sunset.

local fishing village