While Phu Quoc Island is famous for it’s great beaches and rural ambience, shopping opportunities are rather scarce. The options are largely restricted to the local produce and the night market in Duong Dong.

Night Market

Located near Dinh Cậu, the night market on Phu Quoc Island is a popular place to sample the local cuisine, rather than a great shopping place. But you may find an assortment of t-shirts that expose you as fan of Phu Quoc, as well as souvenirs and inexpensive jewelry.


Pearls are grown on pearl farms in the sea around Phu Quoc Island. Show rooms and shops offer visitors and traders a variety of pearl jewelry in all colors that makes excellent souvenirs.


Phu Quoc Pepper is another commodity, directly grown on pepper farms on the island. You can purchase this spicy delicacy directly at the bigger farms that are open for visitors. Various shops in the towns on Phu Quoc Island offer the spice as well.


There is a smaller Co.opmart on Tran Hung Dao street, that offers commodities for your daily needs. Other than that, you are pretty much limited to small shops, run by locals around the corner.

Fish Sauce

Phu Quoc fish sauce is famous for its pungent aroma and balanced taste. Many local fish sauce factories have a shop attached to it and some can even be visited by tourists.

Phung Hung fish sauce factory
Khai Hoan fish sauce factory

Souvenirs & Beach Wear

There are no malls on Phu Quoc Island, but instead a fine selection of souvenir shops and boutiques. Shops in Duong Dong and along Tran Hung Dao street offer souvenirs, postcards, iridescent shells and other keepsakes.

You will find many shops that sell beach wear and snorkel equipment, especially along the tourist strip.

If you intend to shop for high quality souvenirs, check out the boutique at Salinda resort.

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