5 tips of preparation for better score at golf

activities - Vietnam: April 29, 2014

I have worked at four golf clubs in Vietnam and I have to say I find it quite astonishing at the different ways in which golfers approach the driving range. Warming up properly before golf is, in my opinion, the difference between good and bad play.

Many people I see bash the life out of a driver for twenty minutes and wonder at the end of the round why their score is so high. You only hit a driver fourteen times during the round, the wedges and putter tow or three times more than that. Before booked tee times, then there is time for even the simplest of warm ups.

We always want to play our best, especially when we are on a beautiful new (to you) golf course and just hitting a few golf balls can make a big difference. It will also give your caddie an opportunity to evaluate your game and see whether you slice or hook and they will know where to look for the errant shots!

One great thing about golf courses in Vietnam is that all of them have driving ranges, so there is no excuse. Sorry, but that is a fact.

  1. Warm up. Before you even swing a club, do a few warm up exercises to loosen and warm up those muscles that may not have been used for some time. The motion of hitting a golf ball is so different from any other sport and the back, leg and arm muscles need special attention. A few squats and stretching are so important, but do not overdo it. You do not want to have an injury before you reach the golf course.
  1. The next step is to take a eight or nine iron, put our feet together and have a half swing at the golf ball. Take care, because on most driving ranges, you will be hitting off mats and they are very unforgiving. If you are playing off grass, then give yourself a good lie every time. This will help to increase your confidence. Hit about 10 balls this way. This will help your hand co-ordination and your balance.
  1. Start with the pitching wedge and hit five full shots, then carry on down the club range and finish with the driver. Always take time between each shot. Stand away as you would on the golf course, pick a target, take a practice swing and then line up and hit. Do not hit too many balls – you do not want to wear yourself out, especially in the heat of Vietnam.
  1. Head for the chipping and putting green. More than 50% of your shots will be chipping pitching and putting. You can reduce your score by five or ten shots by good chipping and putting.
  1. Drink plenty of waterduring your practice time. The temperature is very dehydrating and you need to take care. Put on plenty of sun block or sun cream and always wear a cap or hat. If you have some practice balls left, then try and improve our weakest shot but not too much effort!

All the above points apply if you have time. If you only have a few minutes, then the most important thing is to warm up before you tee off. So just hit a few chips, some putts and if time allows, a few drives. That should be sufficient for this very simple warm up procedure. We all want you to enjoy your golf on the wonderful golf courses of Vietnam and come back and see us again.
Good golfing.

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