Gambling in Vietnam

activities - Vietnam: Nov. 8, 2021

Do you travel throughout Vietnam and look for entertainment like gambling?

To say frankly, casinos in Vietnam are illegal and the Vietnamese government enforces some strict rules with regard to that kind of activity.

Moreover, the government imposes taxes, and, as a whole, nationals are prohibited to visit Casinos. Notwithstanding, Vietnamese nationals are able to find alternatives to gambling by playing in virtual casinos. Pressing on this link: Play roulette online, they can find plenty of online casinos and relish their pastime and win in the meanwhile.

Casinos in Vietnam

Vietnam casinos are designated mostly for tourists and the government does its best to own extremely seductive casinos. However, if the Vietnamese citizens desire to play in the most luxurious casinos of their country, they should have a foreign passport and prove that they have permanent income monthly over 450 USD. The casino players are always asked to pay fixed taxes prior to entering the casino.

Now, let us get to know several of the luxurious casinos of Vietnam.

1. Grand Ho Tram Resort Casino Vietnam

This enormous casino was built in approximately 2013 with impeccable interior design. There are gaming machines of nearly 614 pieces and table games of about 90 as well as a valet and tables for poker.

Casinos in Vietnam

This resort is full of other facilities such as a fitness center and a spa. The guests can also enjoy the pubs, a sports bar, and clubs as well. The lovers of golf and pool will also be satisfied by the offer of the casino. All amenities concerning the parking are also included.

2. Royal International Gaming Club

We want to represent one more top place in Vietnam as a perfect choice to enjoy gambling. It is the Royal International Gaming Club which is situated on northern Bai Chay Beach and its neighbourhood is stuffed with luxury restaurants, rooms, and villa accommodations everywhere, as well as the impressive card game tables and slot machines, which are a great bonus for gambling lovers. The casino is open around the clock so it means that you can visit there 24 hours a day.

3. The Casino in Phu Quoc

The casino in Phu Quoc is the singular gaming house in Vietnam allowing its nationals to come in and gamble in accordance with the accepted governmental legislation, and has temporarily ceased the whole possible activity.

Casinos in Vietnam

4. Ho Chi Minh City

Frequently, a lot of travelers opt for gambling in Ho Chi Minh City because the atmosphere is extremely relaxing here with all the needed facilities. Laws are exceedingly rigorous here, so there are nor croupiers nor live table bets so as all of them are banned.

5. Da Nang 

Da Nang owns 2 gaming houses where the gamblers can detect several table games, nearly 100 slots, and gambling apparatus. 2 tables are there, as well, for live poker gambling in Da Nang.