Valentine proposals to make your heart flutter

activities - Vietnam: Nov. 1, 2013

Proposals to make your heart flutter

Valentine’s  Day is almost upon us. As the most romantic day for young couples in Vietnam, it is the occasion on which many people express their most intimate feelings towards each other – potentially in the form of proposals. I’ve collected five Valentine’s proposals that have garnered huge popularity online.

Romantic Cinema Proposal

Three guys, helped by CloseUp (a Vietnamese toothpaste brand), execute a melodic proposal. They go on a triple-date with their girlfriends – to the cinema as usual. At one point the boys all decide to go outside. Suddenly, the film on the giant cinema screen changes to a shot of the boys saying they want to give the girls something special. At which point, they start singing a few of the most heartfelt songs. Then, back to reality, the boys go to their girlfriends seats and propose. Happy ending, voila.

Love is Love

Two students from RMIT International University, Ho Chi Minh City prove that love has no boundaries, with the greatest, heart-wrenching proposal in history.

Flashmob Proposal in the USA

Nam and Trang first met and fell in love at the University of California (UCLA). Time flew by and Nam finally decided to propose in the very spot that love first struck. In true creative fashion, with the help of almost 100 UCLA students and staff, Nam creates a flashmob proposal to get the hand of his beloved.

Flashmob Proposals in Hoan Kiem Lake

This man brings his girlfriend to the lovely Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi to watch a flashmob of street dancers. In a sudden outburst he walks into the crowd and begins dancing as well. His performance culminates with a tear-jerking proposal.

Proposal as a dance battle

Expressing his love on the most romantic of days, this boy sets up a situation in which it seems he’s being challenged into a dance battle by a group of strangers – all in the efforts of wooing the girl of his dreams.