Beautiful Vietnamese Women in 'Ao Dai'

attractions - Vietnam: April 29, 2014

Watching an elegant Vietnamese woman wearing an Ao Dai, Vietnam's traditional attire is magical. If you are traveling to Vietnam and only staying in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you may still see some on particular days. They will manage to make you forget about the traffic and the pollution. For me, this only compares in beauty with the traditional clothes worn by Balinese men and women when they attend ceremonies.

We would like to bring to you a collection of photos illustrating just how beautiful Vietnamese women are when wearing an Ao Dai. It seems that Vietnamese women bring beauty to anything they do, whether they're working, shopping or simply walking to school. These are not sexy pictures of Vietnamese girls: They show that beauty can take many forms and that it can also last though times.

Buying an Ao Dai is one of the best gifts and souvenirs you can buy in Vietnam. If you need some advices on where to buy one, you can visit the following pages: Ao Dai Vietnam. We listed several shops and specialized tailors.