Discover Danang, Vietnam

attractions - Vietnam: Nov. 1, 2013

Travel to Danang, Vietnam

With its rapidly developing economy, Danang Vietnam is fast becoming a modern world class city, yet manages to retain its cultural charm. High-rise buildings stand adjacent to local markets, and cyclos are still present in traffic despite the growing emergence of cars.

Established by the Champa Kingdom in the second century, the name Danang derives from the Cham word for ’opening of a large river’. Recognising its value as a major port, French imperialists began their Vietnamese campaign in Danang and the city rose in prominence. Now, it is the fifth most populated city in the country.

The surrounding area is known for its natural wonders, most notably the stretch of beaches offering pristine sand and gentle waters. In the mountains, head to Ba Na Hill, a former French hill station converted into a vacation hub. With hotels, restaurants, historical sites and children’s Fantasy Park and arcade, this idyllic jungle hideaway is perfect for the whole family.

While there, don’t miss out Ngu Hanh Son Mountain to see one of the largest stone carving villages in Vietnam. Climb to the top and you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views of Danang’s urban lightscape. When you’re ready to come down, buy some carved stones to bring home a piece of memory of this scenic city. For thrill seekers, check out Hai Van Pass with its hairpin turns and stunning views of the Truong Son Range.

Danang city is also famous for its bridges. The Dragon Bridge, which can actually breathe fire, is one of Danang’s most impressive structures and a must-see.

Take a late night walk along the Han River, relax in a coffee shop on its bank and wait until 1 am to witness the Han Bridge rotate 90 degrees to allow larger ships into the city port, definitely worth staying up for.

As Vietnam’s leading centre of urbanisation and industrial production, Danang’s economy is growing and diversifying to include everything from textiles to aviation technology. For a look at the city’s historical commercial hub, browse Han Market for an extensive array of consumer goods and souvenirs.

Danang’s international airport, the third busiest in Vietnam, was recently upgraded and expanded and receives flights from South Korea, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. The area is expected to attract, in particular, far more Chinese middle class tourists as it is the closest Vietnamese coastal location with 10 months of warm temperatures.