City Pass takes a trip to Victoria Nui Sam

Blogs - Vietnam: May 23, 2014

City Pass was recently invited by the Thien Minh Group (TMG) to visit their new resort, Victoria Nui Sam, along with the recently acquired La Longanier. Since I’m the main writer for City Pass, I had the unenviable task of taking three days out of the office while being shuttled around to different resorts. Let me tell you, it was a tough job!


The first stop was at Victoria Nui Sam which is located in Chau Doc. TMG has spent the last year gutting the original hotel and starting fresh with a design unlike any they've done before. While still using the standard colour palette found in most Victoria hotels, Nui Sam has a more contemporary feel. One element that they kept is the stunning panoramic view, overlooking lush green rice paddies and mountains in the distance. Each of the 21 bungalows, along with the infinity pool,  shares the same stunning view. Nui Sam was also designed with a social conscience. The resort has eco-friendly elements such as on-site water reclamation, an herb and vegetable garden on the premises that supplies the resort’s restaurant, and using the breezy location to supply airflow to the cliffside restaurant. The resort also runs a vocational training school which will train 23 students from the local area for one year. After that year, they will have the opportunity to join the ranks of the Victoria hotel group.


Along with the Nui Sam resort, we also visited La Longanier restaurant in Can Tho. We were able to take a small boat down the Mekong which gave us a bit of insight into life on the mighty river. Upon arrival, we were shown to a sampan where guests can stay the night in luxury. The restaurant has an open- air plan that accentuates its surroundings. Black wicker chairs with yellow table cloths that take you back to the days of Indochina’s colonial past. Our group was led upstairs where we were treated to a luxurious 4- course lunch. After lunch, our group headed back to the buses which take us back to Ho Chi Minh City.


Many thanks to the Thien Minh Group for the invitation!