Fixer: A Handy New App in Vietnam for Those Who Don’t DIY

Blogs - Vietnam: Nov. 15, 2018

As technology progresses and brick-and-mortar shops make way for online stores and market platforms, the concept of service providers is quickly changing from the traditional structure where service requests are made to a company to a gig-based economy made up of freelancers and entrepreneursin this case, known as “fixers”.

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The absence of a middle-man means transactions are directyou only pay for what you use. For the service providers, their earnings are proportional to the amount of work done, which also allows fixers the opportunity to create their own small businesses.

Introducing Fixer to VietnamThe App that Redefines DIY

With its strong start-up culture, Vietnam is no stranger to the app trend. One new player is set to enter the game with an innovative and practical range of services, reliability and flexibility.

Fixer is a mobile and web application available on Android and iOS devices that serves as a platform to bridge service providers, known as fixers to those who need it, the fixee. Providing necessary services such as moving, cleaning, handyman tasks, grocery shopping and even interpreters, the platform removes the middleman from the equation by allowing the fixer to choose, communicate and work together directly and efficiently with the fixee.

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Seamless Communication Helps to Create One of Vietnam’s Most Useful Apps

With the entire process from communicating, delegating to reviewing done in-app, fixees who are looking for a particular service can log into the app and using its search function, find a suitable fixer, be it a handyman, a shopper or a cleaner.

One of the app’s notable selling points is its in-app translator that allows easy communication, even between English and Vietnamesea feature that is extremely useful for non-Vietnamese speaking clients in Vietnam.

The app’s push notification feature ensures that urgent tasks get the attention they require.

Vietnam’s Digital Marketplace

The app works as a digital marketplace where prices can be negotiated to ensure both parties reach a reasonable price for the services rendered. This allows fixers the freedom to adjust prices based on demand, and fixees to be able to scout around for the best prices in the category they are searching for.

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Another selling point for the app is the ability for fixers to determine their particular skill-set in their respective profiles, without being limited to what is in demand. For example, a fixer who is an electrician may also be a guitar maestro, and this can be reflected in their profile.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an electrician to put up some lights for a party later, you might also get your fixer to stick around to play a special set or two on the guitar for your guests.

This concept is based on Fixer’s “neighbours helping neighbours” message which is intrinsic to most Southeast Asian societies.

The Demographics of Vietnam’s Fixers and Fixees

Fixers are generally made up of young Vietnamese people who are known to be ambitious, tech-savvy and hungry for opportunitiesstay-at-home mums who have valuable skills to offer for example, or backpackers who are looking for a quick buck. The app will support their role as fixers by helping them bridge the possible language and cultural gap between them and their clients, as well as allowing them to manage their schedules.

Fixer is free to use, subscription comes later.

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Fixees on the other hand, are primarily busy professionals who need a helping hand for tasks, as well as expats who have difficulties speaking or understanding Vietnamese and would like their task done, just as it should be, without the hassle of getting lost in translation.

Transactions will primarily be done in cash once the task is complete but the app will soon support cashless payment modes, including cryptocurrency support. This will allow fixers the flexibility to use this platform as a major source of income. For more information on Fixer, visit their website or download the app on Google Play or Apple’s AppStore.

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