Folliet Introduces New Biodegradable Coffee Capsule

drink - Vietnam: June 27, 2018

Coffee capsules are surging in popularity. They are a fast, mess-free and tasty alternative to professionally extracted espresso without the responsibilities and price-tags associated with cafe-hopping and owning a dedicated Italian machine. However, modern conveniences are not spared from the related waste. Worldwide, 13,500 coffee capsules are consumed every minute and used capsules made from plastic or aluminium pose a serious threat to our planet.


“People love the convenience… and they’re going to go for convenience over waste.” Said Jean-luc Voisin, French coffee roaster and managing director of Les Vergers Du Mekong, renowned for it’s high-quality line of products ranging from tropical juice, jams and Vietnamese teas. Folliet® is the major shareholder in Les Vergers Du Mekong.

Folliet Coffee

Hope is in the air and Folliet® has successfully developed a 100% biodegradable and compostable coffee capsule which is fully-compatible with the popular Nespresso line of pod-based espresso machines. Made of natural paper pulp, the resultant compostable fibres are stable and protect the flavours of the coffee to ensure maximum extraction without affecting the subtle nuances of well-roasted coffee.

Folliet Coffee

Folliet® combines 140 years of experience in small-batch craft-roasting and a family passion for sustainable coffee to bring you a quality cup of java in the comfort of your home. Coffee beans are sourced from Vietnam and Laos and roasted to perfection in Can Tho city. The roasted beans are then blended by experts at Folliet® to create two flavours, Prestigio and Ta Lai. Prestigio appeals to caffeine-lovers who are seeking a true, intense Italian espresso experience while Ta Lai is enjoyably subtle and created from a blend of arabica & responsibly grown robusta coffee from a region of minority tribes in Dong Nai province, which borders the beautiful Cat Tien National Park. The natural shade provided by the dense rainforest canopies of Dong Nai province provides an excellent condition for cultivation, creating flavour & fragrance unseen in other coffees.

Image source: Mervin Lee

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