Pasteur Street Expands to Five Locations in Vietnam

drink - Vietnam: May 18, 2018

Topping Up the Taps

Off of Pasteur Street in District 1 you’ll find an alley with a secret.

What is it? Hint: it has to do with the street name.

First, you’ll notice that the alley itself—white painted walls brightened with cool street art and strings of faerie-lights—has become a top selfie destination for hipster Vietnamese youth. Head a little further down this hem to discover the real draw of this side street.

At this point, any beer aficionado will be able to describe the well-travelled stairs that lead up to the home of one of the pioneers of craft brewing in Vietnam: Pasteur Street Brewing Co.

Pasteur Street Brewing Co. was established in 2015 and this taproom, dubbed “The Original”, has been brimming with beer lovers ever since. This observation drove the team at Pasteur Street Brewing Co. to expand their operations in order to welcome more of their fanbase on a nightly basis. The first taproom to be added to the brand is in the same eye-catching alley as the Original and is known as the “Hem”. The expansive new space boasts two floors, one of which is a rooftop, making it the perfect location for events, private parties, and tastings.

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Head to the Original taproom if you want to see where it all started! Everyone is made to feel welcome at this cosy bar where it’s just as easy to have a solo after-work drink as it is to kick back and enjoy a few pints with a group of friends. The ‘Hem’ taproom is the perfect place to go for a party or larger groups, or just to enjoy the warm rooftop breeze while you sample Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s excellent selection.

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The expansion has been so successful that as of October 2017, the brand has grown even further to include a third taproom in Phu Nhuan District, known as Phan Xich Long “PXL” taproom. This district is more local and the area includes a large selection of cafés and restaurants. However, craft brewing is still a new concept here. The “PXL” location, which is the largest to date, will host beer tasting events and meet and greets with Pasteur Street’s all important brewers.

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In addition, fans of the company should be aware of the “Ha Noi” taproom, which opened directly behind the historic St. Joseph’s Cathedral in the Old Quarter in Hanoi in July of 2017. The location spans two levels and includes an outdoor seating area. The brand also has a presence in Thao Dien—a tiny 15-seater taproom named the “Filling Station”.

Winter Heavies and Summer Sours

Each taproom features a selection of different beers on tap, so people can also get a taste of new flavours. There is always a balanced selection of light, heavy, dark, sour, and hoppy brews to ensure that there is a beer for every palate.

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According to Anniek Voesenek, Pasteur Street Brewing Co.’s countrywide F & B Manager, in the South people are more used to experimenting with the different types of craft beer because Saigon is where the movement began in Vietnam. In the North, people still have to get used to some of the more funky flavours, like the sours, but now there are more and more places starting to serve craft beer.

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Weather also plays a part. In Hanoi, Pasteur Street Brewing Co. tends to focus on the beers that are stronger in alcohol during the winter months whereas in Saigon they aim to have a good balance between the fruity beers, the heavier beers, sour beers and IPAs. All locations have their bestselling Jasmine IPA and Passionfruit Wheat Ale available, as well as the Imperial Chocolate Stout, the 2016 World Beer Cup winner.

Pasteur Street Brewing Co. fans should head to Hem on May 2nd, Ha Noi on May 15th or the PXL taproom on May 25th for a pint of your favourite brew and some live music. Keep your eye on the company’s Facebook page to learn more about these dates, as well as other special events and meetups with the brewers at all the locations.

Image source: Pasteur Street Brewing Co.

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