Stay and Eat in Phu Yen, Tuy Hoa

food - Vietnam: Nov. 1, 2013

Where to stay in Phu Yen, Tuy Hoa

Following my first part about What to do in Phu Yen, Tuy Hoa? I would like to share some information about food and accommodation in this 2nd part for those who plan to visit the town. Until about four years ago there were only maybe ten hotels and guest houses in Tuy Hoa. Thanks to the 400 year celebration of the founding of the province there are now more than you can count – all of these in a city with a population of maybe 75,000 (no one knows for sure).

On the upper end of places to stay there is the (self proclaimed) CenDelux Five Star Hotel. For here it’s 5 Star, for anywhere else in the world it would rank as about a 3 Star at best. They still haven’t got the whole ‘service’ thing figured out which should go with that rating. They are located just near the edge of town going west so that’s a good thing. Close to a lot or a short taxi ride.

For those traveling with a Gold Card there is the VietStar Resort and Spa. Like the above mentioned hotel, this is another idea that almost makes it…almost.

They also fall pretty short of what a true ‘resort’ would mean to a foreign tourist, except for the prices.

They do have a private beach which is clean and pretty nice but it’s a 15 minute ride away. There is a restaurant there with cold drinks but no food. It must be brought from the resort and the last time I was there, with some friends, the price for the food was double the price at the resort.

They are located about 10 km. north of town. Getting to town takes one of their cars (with driver) or a taxi.

For most ‘normal’ travelers the places to stay in town abound. On the bottom of the price list would be Bobs Cafe American where you can get a dorm bunk, a hot shower and a free western breakfast for $6 a night. On top is the Long Beach or Kaya for $20 a night and a Vietnamese breakfast. Everything else is your standard guest house or small hotel with the standard prices; mostly very reasonable and clean. Mixed in with these is the towns only true B&B, Valery’s Guest House at Lo A50 Hai Ba Trung.

Eating your way through town

Since Tuy Hoa is primarily about farming and fishing, with a lot of fish and shrimp farms in the area, you’re in luck for good fresh seafood.

The riverfront is lined with cafes and small restaurants serving all the fresh seafood you could want plus the areas chicken and pork dishes. The prices in most of these places are very reasonable to downright cheap. The food is fresh and very good but, like most places in Vietnam, you may want them to cook the chicken and pork just a little more.

In town proper there are several small restaurants serving traditional Vietnamese food. These places have been around forever and won’t be found in any guidebook. For very good (flavor and you can chew it) Bo Ne can be found at Thinh Phat on 08 Tran Binh Trong. However, go early in the morning, when they run out of meat they close. Very good Pho and Bun Bo Hue can be had at Tan ‘Viet Hoa’, 17 Tran Binh Trong. Both of these places are clean and do a good business. A good variety of seafood – shellfish to lobster – can be had at Phi Hoa Sua on Khu Dan Cu Nghi Tran. It’s down an alley but worth looking for, the prices will amaze you!

If you find yourself in need of a western food ‘fix’ there isn’t much. A couple of the big hotels try a little but do a much better job on the standard fare. The surprise will be Bobs Café American, hidden away near the beach at 43 Nguyen Dinh Chieu. While not fancy and with a small menu; there are 10 different pizza offerings (or make your own), what are voted the best burgers around and some sandwiches. Tourist information, some maps and other assorted help is available along with motorbike/bicycle rentals on the cheap. There are quite a few reviews on TripAdvisor, the café can be found on the web at or the same name on Facebook.

So, if relaxed tourism is what you really want, deserted beaches while not fighting your way through throngs of street vendors; you may want to get off the standard path and give Tuy Hoa a try. We’ll save the fresh air sunshine and gentle breezes for ya.