Advantages of train travel in Vietnam

practicalities - Vietnam: Nov. 1, 2013

The trains in Vietnam are relatively cheap, comfortable and scenic. Train travel is Vietnam is underutilised by visitors to the country and is a great mode of transportation for those looking to see a bit more of the country while relaxing in leisurely surroundings. As you plan your journey around the country, read on to find out other advantages of using trains when you travel.

1. Easy and Relaxing

If you haven’t really come to grips with the manic road traffic in Vietnam, taking a train to your destination can save you heaps of stress. No beeping, near misses and traffic jams to worry about here!

2. Practical

You don’t have to worry about getting to the train station hours early to jump on. You can also bring on your own food onboard unlike having the dreaded airline food as your only option in a plane.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Vietnam has some of the highest rates of personal transportation in the world at 92 percent. So if you are looking to cut down on your environmental impact, take a train.

4. Freedom

Unlike air travel, you can actually get out of your seat whenever you want. It’s a great opportunity to meet some Vietnamese people and get to know a bit more about their country. Take a walk around, grab a cafe sua da at the canteen carriage, or catch up on that reading you’ve been putting off.

5. Centrally Located Stops

Most major tourist destinations have a train station with several daily arrival and departure times. Also most train stations are located only a few minutes travel to major tourist destinations in towns.

6. Fascinating Views

Vietnam has over 3,260 kilometres of stunningly beautiful coastline, most of it can be viewed from the comfort of a train carriage. If you wish to experience the beauty of Vietnam, take a train trip up the coast. Make sure to pay attention during the Hue to Danang leg of the trip. Possibly one of the most scenic views in the country.

Overall, train travel in Vietnam is a good choice for those who are looking for an affordable and comfortable trip around the country. Whether you wish to move from one city to another or just to tour the country, train travel will provide you with the perfect transportation.

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