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practicalities - Vietnam: Aug. 1, 2019

How to manage group chats professionally.

How to deal with the most toxic place on the internet.

Find dates with similar interests and goals.

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I’ll admit it: I have nomophobia - an addiction to my phone. It’s happening, it’s a codependent relationship, we’re totally in love. And the cornerstone of this relationship rests firmly on social media. I spend hours a day between Facebook, Instagram, dating apps, and inexhaustible group messages. I wouldn’t call myself a social media expert, but I have developed a few insights over time. So here’s my two cents on how to use social media in a healthyway (or at the very least, annoy me a bit less).

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Group Message Etiquette 

Honestly, I wish group chats never became a thing. I don’t recall ever desiring to talk to a bunch of strangers simultaneously at all hours of the day and night, mostly about things that don’t pertain to me… but here we are. Though annoying at times, group messages are definitely a useful way of staying in touch with the overall progression of work projects or that next surprise birthday party. Here are some tips on how to improve connecting with others.

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First, if you start a group message, be sure it’s for a good reason. Connecting strangers for business, getting info to a specific group of people, and connecting housemates about the shared house are all great reasons to start a group message. Sharing random memes and GIFs while intoxicated or spamming people with invites are not.

If you’re going to start a group message, be sure that the information is relevant to all people involved. Keep the information pertinent and succinct. Then, ask people who need more information to contact you in a separate private message. 

If the group message is to connect people, introduce everyone and state the reason for opening (yet another) group message. Then, wait for both parties to acknowledge that, yup, this is happening (again). Say goodbye and exit the group message. Do you see how group messages can devolve back into private messages? Now that you know better, do better. 

Expat Groups on Facebook

I think it’s widely known that the most toxic place on the internet is a Facebook expat group. However, if you’re sane and somewhat nice, please understand this: Facebook is NOT the place for controversial debates. It is not a requirement to respond to everything you see on social media. If you don’t like something when scrolling, then Just. Keep. Scrolling. ‘Trolls’ lose their power when we don’t engage.

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Dating Apps

Oh Tinder, bane of the dating world. In an ideal world, Tinder would be a great place to connect to dates with similar interests and goals. In reality, it’s just a place to practice how quickly you can sniff out a douchebag. Bumble is slightly better and Grindr is more to the point, but no matter the app, there are some rules. 

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- Post SOMETHING in your bio. Take a moment to introduce yourself at least. 

- Don’t post pictures with kids. Children shouldn’t be involved with anything you’re doing on a dating app. 

- Post at least 3 clear pictures and cut it out with the Snapchat filters!

- If someone isn’t into you, you don’t have to insult him/her. Bruised egos heal too. 

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