Adding Traditional Vietnamese Jewelry To Your Collection

shopping - Vietnam: Dec. 13, 2021

In Vietnam, jewelry has been used as a status symbol, form of self-expression, and investment for centuries. In fact, you can even check out the fascinating Nghe An exhibition at the Nghe An Museum in northern Vietnam, which showcases ancient Vietnamese jewelry from the Dong Son culture period (2500-2000 years ago). Today, jewelry continues to play an important role in Vietnamese style and culture. By adding traditional Vietnamese pieces to your jewelry collection during your travels, you can build a collection that’s beautiful, unique, and meaningful. 

jewelry in Vietnam

Start by knowing what you like 

To build a stunning jewelry collection complete with Vietnamese inspired pieces, you need to first know what you like. So, think about defining your own personal style from the pieces you already own and love (for example, is your style modern, casual, retro, sporty, vintage, minimalist, or maximalist?). Your collection should also have a solid foundation of basic pieces you can wear easily with your everyday wardrobe. You’ll then be in the right position to grow your collection with the addition of authentic Vietnamese pieces collected during your travels. 

Traditional silver pieces

All countries around the world have their own special jewelry with unique cultural and historical meaning. For example, traditional Indian jewelry typically reflects social status and features colorful gemstones like emeralds and rubies, ornate designs, and lots of gold. Vietnam is no different. For the Mong people, silver jewelry, in particular, is considered to hold talismanic qualities that exorcises bad spirits, protects health, and promotes happiness and wellbeing. Silver pieces made in Lao Xa, Dong Van of Ha Giang province are culturally unique and available in many styles and designs, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The bracelets are either flat or round rings with beautiful butterflies, leaves, and flowers carved on the faces.

jewelry in Vietnam

Authentic jade 

In addition to silver, jade jewelry is also imbued with special meaning across Vietnam. In fact, jade has historically been an omen of good luck. Saigon is home to endless tales of how jade has prevented sickness, death, and poverty befalling the wearer. Whether featured on necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, jade will make a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. Above all, it’s important to make sure any jade you purchase is authentic (aka Jadeite or Nephrite). Imitation jade tends to be poor quality and paler in color. Although they look similar, Jadeite is typically stronger than Nephrite, which is usually opaque and comes in darker tones. Low quality jade is also often treated to improve color and transparency (grade A indicates natural, untreated jade). Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about the quality of a piece and never rush into a purchase. Always shop around to compare pieces and prices.

Vietnam is home to a wide array of beautiful traditional jewelry. By adding authentic Vietnamese pieces like silver and jade to your collection during your travels, you can create a stylish and sentimental jewelry collection. 

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