Cloud Lake in Vung Tau

attractions - Vung Tau: Aug. 13, 2014

Cloud Lake in Vung Tau

If you are looking to escape from the beaches of Vung Tau and get a bit active, head over to Cloud Lake Eco-Resort for some racing, some cultural activities and the largest belly button in Southern Vietnam.

You can either take the scenic 500 meter cable car journey to the top of Big Mountain but if you are averse to heights, there is a mountain road which takes about 90 minutes.

Alpine Coaster in Cloud LakeUp top, the 400,000 square meter park is broken up into different sections depending activity. Our group of guys im/mediately headed to the Formula 1 race track and the Alpine Coaster. We were hoping for a bit more zip on the track but the Alpine Coaster made up for it. What I really dug was the brake lever on the sled which allowed you to control your descent. I didn’t bother using the brake on my second run to see how fast the sled could go. Let’s just say pretty damn fast!

Just 50 meters away from the coaster was the large Buddha that dominates the park. Not as large as the one that has just been recognized in this article, but check out that belly button! Tucked away just behind the large Buddha is a cave which houses a bone fragment from Buddha himself! Well, at least that’s what they told me.

The last place we headed to was the Eco side of the resort. There are orchid gardens, a primeval forest, and a waterfall you can walk behind. We also headed off to the zoo and had some fun feeding the ostriches. We could have stayed a bit longer but we wanted to check out the dog races so we headed to the cable car. Just make sure to wave to the statue of Uncle Ho on the way down!

Entrance fee to Cloud Lake Ecotourism Resort is VND 200,000 for adults and VND100,000 for children