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76 Le Lai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | +84 28 3829 4000, ext.2200 | +84 28 3824 3701 | |

Le restaurant ParkView est situé au New World Hotel. Il surplombe le parc du 23 septembre. Dans une salle aux tons modernes et haut de gamme, une cuisine vietnamienne et internationale est proposée ou les fruits de mer sont mis à l’honneur par de grands chefs. Le service est impeccable et la carte des vins de haute volée.

Parkview prides itself in sourcing fresh seafood daily. Eaters go crazy over their unlimited lobster lunch buffets offered on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A medley of fresh prawns, clams, oysters and snails line the tables at various times of the day.

The buffet offers separate pricing options depending on the meal you’re having:

  • Breakfast is priced at a solid VND480,000++
  • Lunch is an even VND500,000++
  • Dinner is a pricier VND820,000++
  • A free-flow separate beverage package is an affordable VND320,000++
  • Brunch is VND820,000++ and includes a free-flow of drinks
  • A more lavish champagne and live jazz music brunch is VND1.2 million++

Breakfast, the most reasonably priced Parkview buffet option, showcases a sizable assortment of the restaurant’s signature items. From fresh seafood, to daily western dishes and an entire table dedicated to pastries, all are crafted under the careful direction of New World’s master chefs.

If you’re not in the mood to booze up your morning, a glass of fresh orange juice or a traditional cà phê sữa dá (coffee with milk and ice) will do – you can save the free flow package for lunch or dinner.

How does the actual food measure up? City Pass made the rounds and sampled the breakfast buffet for themselves.

When we think western breakfast, we think salad, eggs, sausage and bacon. But with so many options, we recommend getting to Parkview early, around 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. at the latest – when offerings are fresh and there is enough time to go for several rounds of meals to truly get your money’s worth.

Especially if you want to get to the unique array of scrumptious sweets.

Pizza variety changes daily, as do the types of Vietnamese soups (or pho). Western-standard sausage, eggs and bacon are there for the taking. Those shunning their homeland’s cookery and sticking to “trying something new” – we recommend you double back to the egg counter.

The sausage is good, as is the bacon, but we haven’t seen decent eggs Benedict in Saigon for some time.

The process involves placing a split egg into swirling water with added vinegar. This creates a nice teardrop shape for the poached egg. Ours was done just right – the egg and the Hollandaise sauce were mouthwateringly flavorful while the crispy toast cut the soft yolk perfectly. The entirety of it put a smile on our faces.

A separate counter for the homemade bread, smoked meat, seafood, fruit, sashimi and sushi makes up the bulk of the buffet. The seafood is abundant, fresh and is brought in daily – if you can, sample everything, you’re sure to find a favorite. If you’re a Japanese cuisine fan, the unlimited sashimi is a nice treat as well.

Vietnamese and western breakfast dishes spread the final counter, with enough variety to appease whatever food-mood you’re in – salad or pho, potatoes or rice, or whatever concoction your stomach desires that morning.

Once you’ve had some time to get ravenous again, head over to the lunch buffet for some heavier world cuisine.

The quality of the buffet is on par with the morning’s offering – if you’ve been to breakfast you know the value to expect. If you wish to begin your free flow adventure of house and sparkling wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea and draft beer, this is a good time to start. Totaling VND820,000++ with the free flow drinks, this an affordable option when compared to Parkview’s a la cart menu, which can be on the pricey side.

If you have the stomach to handle all the gastronomical decadence – and wish to indulge in some liquid courage before 2:30pm – Parkview’s breakfast and lunch offerings are worth the price, especially considering your location. A walk in the park or a stroll through a museum is quite pleasant after a hearty meal.

If you have the stomach to handle all the gastronomical decadence – and wish to indulge in some liquid courage before 2:30pm – Parkview’s breakfast and lunch offerings are worth the price, especially considering your location. A walk in the park or a stroll through a museum is quite pleasant after a hearty meal.

Don’t forget the unlimited lobster lunch buffets on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – reviewers rave about the quality to price ratio.

City Pass didn’t make it to dinner (we were upstairs, busy assessing Dynasty’s set menu options) we can relay that although moderately high at VND820,000++ per person, the price is justified by the quality selection of fish, oysters, prawns, shrimp, snails and the fine dining options that encompass rotisserie and steak specialties.

You have from 6:00pm to 10:00pm to sample Parkview’s most exquisite offerings. If you wish to pass the VND1 million mark, four hours of unlimited wine and beer awaits (along with the coffee afterwards).

The pastries are of colorful saccharine concoctions from the mind of New World Saigon’s master pastry chef, and are there at every meal fresh for the taking.

They go exceptionally well with coffee or tea (jasmine or green, but the Ronnefeldt brand is available for more discerning tea drinkers), and are a must if you’re having breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner at Parkview.

Parkview’s pandan layer cake is a unique treat for westerners unfamiliar with the popular Southeast Asian sweet. Don’t miss the Hanoi and Saigon cakes either, which are a first for even Saigon.

The Hanoi cake takes the recipe from over 1,700 kilometers north and adapts local ingredients to make something different for locals and foreigners alike. The Saigon cake is of Filipino origins, and is also made with local Vietnamese ingredients – the result is a layered delight that is both crunchy and sweet.

And of course, for those conscious of their kilos, low-fat and low-sugar options are available as well.

City Pass lays down their assessment of Parkview Restaurant at New World Saigon.

  • Fresh, abundant seafood makes this the prime buffet destination for fans of prawn, lobster and other sea offerings
  • Along with the lobster lunch buffets, their breakfast buffet is hands-down their best value
  • Excellent and unique pastry options
  • Vegetarian and low fat/sugar items are readily available
  • Parkview’s prime location is minutes away by foot from some of the city’s must-see landmarks and venues
  • Go for the lobster lunch and breakfast buffets, stay for the fresh seafood and pastries. City Pass Certified.

If you’re up for a special weekday night with some authentic Chinese cuisine and Shaoxing wine, come here for the set menu courses and make sure you try the suckling pig and desserts. They are genuinely passionate about their food and light up when you give them a compliment. The location is also second to none. City Pass Certified.

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Le brunch du dimanche propose un alléchant choix de viandes grillées.


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