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For enchanting beaches, fresh seafood and insight into traditional Vietnamese culture, Ke Ga is one of the best, and best hidden, destinations along the coast. Only 35km south of Phan Thiet, the preserved village and its surrounding resorts feel worlds away.
The main attraction is the unspoilt white sand fading into crystal blue water. Take a dip and head to one of the many resorts along the beach featuring modern comforts and tranquillity. The bungalows and facilities are nestled into the natural scenery, making for a unique and relaxing stay in paradise...
Across the water is Ke Ga island, home to the most famous local attraction: the Ke Ga Lighthouse. Built in 1889, the granite tower is the tallest of its kind in Vietnam and has retained the original architecture. Hire a boat to the island, climb the 184 steps to the top and take in the splendour of the bay in a breathtaking panorama.
For a look inside the rural way of life, stop by the fishing boats and chat up the local fishermen. The fishing village is a constant source of activity and high quality seafood, so if you’re in the market for fresh shrimp or tuna right off the boat, you’ve come to the right place.
Just past the beach, Ke Ga blossoms into sweeping rice paddies. Applying traditional methods with a few modern flourishes, the agrarian workers showcase the skill and knowledge cultivated through millennia of practice.

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