Хюэ Vietnam

Activities in Hue

More adventurous tourists can join up with Easy Riders, a tour company that cruises through Hue and the surrounding countryside on motorcycles. Should you fancy a longer ride, they’ll take you as far north as the DMZ.
If tearing through the landscape is too fast for you, take a hike through the nearby national park. With quiet trails and sloping forests, the scenery is breathtaking to say the least.
Another activity in Hue is learning to replicate the regal food you’ve come to enjoy at one of the many cooking classes held by local chefs. They run you through the recipes, ingredients and methods, even divulging their artistic flourishes so you can impress your friends back home.
The classic tour is an imperial boat ride to the nearby One Pillar Pagoda, but due to maintenance issues and a host of solicitors, the available boats do not live up to the royal standard. 
After all this adventure, be sure to visit one of the many spas in town. From pedicures to acupuncture, every inch of your body will be rehabilitated.