Хюэ Vietnam

Hotels in Hue

The majority of tourists in Vietnam spend a day or two in Hue, maybe even passing through before night can fall. They are missing out not only on the bounty of sights to be seen, but additionally the world-class hotels in Hue. 
While it can be hard for hotels to stay in business due to the quick rate of departure, they keep competitive with low prices and immersive services. The most authentic option is the Pilgrimage Village, a resort that combines modern luxuries with traditional culture. Sweeping rooms, skilled artisans and stunning scenery make for the perfect getaway.
La Residence is another fine hotel choice in Hue, an immaculate collection of facilities housed in a former French Governor’s residence. The art deco façade and serene soundtrack provided by descendents of imperial court musicians provide a striking balance of old and new, East and West. 
Keep in mind that most accommodations will not live up to the higher standards served in globalised metropolises, but there are more than enough boutiques and resorts to satisfy even the most discerning traveller. Stay an extra night or two at in one of these treasures and be pampered like a king.