Хойан Vietnam

Bars in Hoi An

This may be a traditional town better known for its shopping and historic architecture, but that does not mean that there are not venues to cut loose and have a few designer cocktails in Hoi An. Haul in your full bags and grab a seat by the street to pair relaxation with the delightful sights all around you.
Many of the fine restaurants in town offer innovative cocktails and wine lists that read like novels, perfect for a drink or two before, during and after your meal. Don’t miss White Marble, a wine bar and restaurant that has a listing for every desire and a house Pinot Noir that more than lives up to international standards.
The most masterful mixes are conducted at Mango Mango, a perfect stop after strolling across the Japanese bridge. Sip a few original concoctions and wonder why no one ever thought up these delectable drinks before.
For a touch of the past, go inside the Life Resort Heritage Bar in Hoi An, a venue that recalls Indochina’s classic bars and proudly displays this legacy with black and white photographs and traditional architecture. 
Chill out with a cocktail and enjoy the scenery. Hoi An has intoxicating hustle and bustle, but don’t let that keep you from the relaxing bits.
  •   3 Дракона – это самый первый спортивный паб в Хойане. С широким ассортиментом пива и коктейлей, легкими закусками и множеством  плазменных экранов, 3 дракона является популярным местом для любителей спорта. Кроме того, каждую среду в пабе проводиться викторина, которая даст Вам возможность блеснуть своими знаниями.
  • Ресторан «Динго» – это тихая гавань для усталых путешественников, желающих в прохладе и комфорте выпить чашечку кофе или полакомиться австралийским мясным пирогом. Динго – это кусочек дома вдали от дома.