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Joe's Cafe and Garden Resort

86 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Binh Thuan Province, Phan Thiết, Vietnam | |

Joe's Cafe features live music every night of the year. Expat musicians, Lud and Kreed have become famous over the five years jamming from dinnertime until late evening. Joe's hosts high season guest artists and visiting acts all year long. Canopies with grass roofs keep a natural atmosphere even during the torrential downpours. Eat, drink and savor the comfortable atmosphere. 

From breakfast till late evening, Joe's produces some of the best food in town including steaks, burgers, Mexican cuisine and a fine selection of ice creams and desserts. With over 60 wines by the bottle, Belgian and German beers, Weston's ciders, martinis and giant frozen margaritas — Joe’s has something for everyone. They are the first stop in the evening and a great place for seaside breakfast and Bobby Brewers Coffee in the morning. Guests are welcome to jump in the pool and use the hotel facilities seaside during the day will full beach access.

Our resort occupies nearly half the property on the seaside.  While most properties this size would have 50 to 60 rooms in Mui Ne, Joe's houses 13.  Built in 2014, we have five elegant bungalows by the sea and pool, four budget rooms that open into the cafe and the rest with views of the gardens, pool and sea.  It is the perfect mix between simple, quiet relaxation with access to the best entertainment and fare in town. Joe and his wife, Thao took over this beautiful but rundown resort in 2011 just after their son was born. They began with the foundations — plumbing, electric and basic structures. Then went on to pay for the new palm leaf roofs, swimming pool, the cafe and additional facilities even adding a 24-hour MuiMart convenience store for their guests.  

The rooms feature newly tiled bathrooms, fans and artwork while the bamboo exterior reminds guests of our natural location.  Adding comfortable furniture and hammocks to the balconies — the rooms provide a relaxing yet natural setting. The best value in Mui Ne for a unique experience. Now, certified in yoga teaching, Thao shares her passion with our guests in the afternoons.

In the summer of 2008, Joe’s was the first cafe with the a 24-hour license in Vietnam.  Joe and Thao found the old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with a clear view across the street of the ocean and coconut trees. They hung great canopies outside and featured artists on the walls, playing movies in the loft night and day.  Joe's had the first great coffee in town with Bobby Brewers and a two group Italian espresso machine. 

Their start coincided with the great financial crisis, followed by the bird flu — affecting us internationally and locally. Six months after they opened, tourism in Mui Ne began and competition began to grow. They kept with it and built something wonderful. Three years later and it was time to expand. They took over the popular and run down Chez Nina Resort (also known as Mai Khanh and Paradise Huts). They didn't realize how broken this money pit would be, but luckily their Cafe aided them in restoring the resort. They were no longer working by themselves in the middle of nowhere.  They now worked for numerous staff, suppliers, the government, Agoda, TripAdvisor and The world followed them to the middle of nowhere.

The biggest event for them was their son, Mason. He really owns the place.  If you have small children you will find a playground and friendly area of the pool for little ones and still get to drink a cold Duvel while watching the full moon rise and sunset at the same time. 
The trees that extend out over the road in front continue through gardens to the sea, with the blues and rock, art and theatre, Joe's features a noteworthy combination of nature and culture in one place. The best of what they could preserve and the best of what they can create. They hope you choose to come and experience Joe's while in Vietnam.

khu nghỉ dưỡng, nơi ở, Phan Thiết

Đặt chỗ với VND 812,000

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